National Pretrial Technology & Services Profile

National Pretrial Technology Services was developed to service the criminal justice system throughout the US to help maintain pretrial and post-conviction conditions. The developers, idealists and personnel all together combine many years of experience throughout different parts of the criminal justice system including local and federal levels. We have consulted with Law Enforcement, Universities, and many different levels of government on different aspects of their duties and performances. Our team has created this software system to incorporate and provide years of developing knowledge and inspiration.

We provides a cost effective way to maintain pretrial and post-conviction conditions.

Our pretrial services are used to support the private entities, local jurisdictions and state programs. Our probation and pretrial services help prevent over populations of local correction facilities and state prisons. National Pretrial Technology and Services provides top quality products such as GPS Monitoring, DUI Monitoring and other services Our logistics center offers the support and information needed to better protect and honor the wishes of courts prior to conclusion and after convictions. Our operations/monitoring services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience and to provide the most up to date and real time responses to all conditions.

Client Judicial Platform

The criminal justice system has been increasingly utilizing this type of technology to insure that people accused of crimes appear in court for their scheduled hearings. National Pretrial Technology and Services is a service provider for pretrial and post-conviction defendants

Level I and Level II Applications

We offer two different levels of application under our management system to ensure our clients have the most cost effective and highest quality of service that meets their needs. After completing much research we have come to find that time management and cost can be a major factor in choosing the right management system. Not all clients require the same level of service. We developed this approach to allow every entity the choice of application based on the needs of their departments, courts and state and county offices.


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